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5.88 GBP

  • Suede cord
  • Necklace

Ametyst is a translucent semi-precious stone which is a quartz's variation. Emotionally amethyst is being used as an healing crystal to improve curing wounds after loss and depression, closing them far away in the past. It also has this soft energy of  lulling what is used to keep the state of calmness, happiness or satisfaction within us. It is also said that it is supporting our emotional stability and inner strenght, which can be extremally useful on our quick and stressfull daily living!  But these are not the only things we need to help ourselves - amethysts also magnifies our elasticity and cooperation.

• Because these are natural stones, they might vary a bit from those shown on the photos.

• Necklaces are made from stone, zinc alloy and antiallergic metals without nickel, cadmium or lead.

• Suede choker is 30cm with 5cm of extension, and the necklace is 55cm long.

• Stone measurements are 37 x 13 x 10mm. 


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