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Loose floral embroidered top

15.66 GBP

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

  • Black
  • Baby pink
  • White

Size Lenght Chest
small 52 52-54
medium 53 56-58
large 54 60-62

Please remember not to iron the top before wash! The embroidery is secured with a special foil. Touching it with hot iron might burn the top. The foil will melt after few washing.

• Floral artwork is embroidered.

• Made from 100% polyester which is sooo nice in touch it reminds cotton! Its basis weight is 120g/m. Tops are a bit see-through (wear right coloured bra and problem solved ;))

materials 20% / realization 40% / taxes 23%

We ship from Poland. The final price might vary depending on the country of destination and amount of products you're ordering. The moment the package leaves our country, we're not responsible for it anymore - so if you're experiencing any problems, contact your local post office first. Of course feel free to drop us a message if there are any concerns. We'll do our best to make your Skydance experience positive!

£2.50 - takes up to three days to deliver

£5 - £8 - takes up to two weeks to deliver, usually takes around one week

£10 - takes up to one month to deliver
£15 - priority shipping, up to two weeks to deliver

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