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Frigg quartz necklace

10.00 GBP

  • Waxed cord
  • Necklace

Quartz, often referred to as “Frozen Light,” or “Ice of Eternity,” is perhaps one of the most powerful stones used by healers. In and of itself, however, it is a powerful all-around healer. It is also used to amplify the powers of other crystals, and is frequently found on the table of a Tarot reader, for example, to help one clarify his or her own psychic readings. It is especially useful in helping us to focus, concentrate and control our thoughts, intentions and actions. It stimulates brain functions, amplifying thought forms while at the same time helping to balance the emotions.

• Because these are natural stones, they might vary a bit from those shown on the photos.

• Necklaces are made from stone, zinc alloy and antiallergic metals without nickel, cadmium or lead.

• Suede cord and necklace are 50cm long.

• Stone measurements are 37 x 13 x 10mm.


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