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Leather messenger bag Cole

78.30 GBP

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Szara

Bags are made from high quality natural leather - thanks to this, they're super super durable and will greatly protect all of your stuff - whether these are your school books, art supplies or laptop - from rain and water. The inner side of them is pad out with a material which is similar to polyester. Another thing is, they're all handmade and produced in Poland - how cool is that?
Cole bags have big and spacious pocket on the front, so you can keep all of your essentials on hand, and there's other one inside of it which will fit, for example, A4 books. And if you're bored with wearing it on your shoulder - you can simply detach the straps and hold it by its handle!

materials 30% / realization 35% / taxes 23%

We ship from Poland. The final price might vary depending on the country of destination and amount of products you're ordering. The moment the package leaves our country, we're not responsible for it anymore - so if you're experiencing any problems, contact your local post office first. Of course feel free to drop us a message if there are any concerns. We'll do our best to make your Skydance experience positive!

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