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Chakra Rose Quartz Choker


  • Waxed cord
  • necklace

Life is an energy, without it there is no possibility to exist. Chakras are nothing but centres of energy in the human body. We distinguish seven main chakras. Each one of them performs different functions and has different localization. However the differences, there is a quite close connection between them.

Rose quartz is widely known as a stone of love as it emits enormous vibrations of absolute love, happiness, warmth and healing. This wonderful, pink crystal has incredible power which is mostly working near heart chakra. This stone is able to send love to everything that surrounds it - this is why it can improve your relations with the most important people as well as with people you hardly know. Its presence will create this calming aura. It is mostly use to heal from negative emotions such as anger, fear or envy.

• Necklace is 40cm long, while the waxed cord - 30cm.
• Because these are natural stones, they might vary a bit from those shown on the photos.


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