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Skydance is your special place with alternative clothing. It's a small family business established in 2014 in Poland. Inspired by the 90's and streetwear, we create vintage meets grunge pieces of best quality. What's more, it's all made by us, produced and sewed in our home country with love and care.

It all started in 2014. I was just 16 when I've decided to open my first small business, which was a very amateur handmade jewelry store. It was frustrating no to be able to shop chokers with witchy pendants and crystal necklaces, so my main goal at that times was to bring grunge to my home country. We were the first brand that would be creating their own unique pieces that would yell tumblr but with tint of magic & wicca. For a simple high schooler like me it was an inimitable experience to see my lil shop grow. More and more orders had been popping, and eventually I needed to seek for help. That's how my grandma has joined me on this amazing journey. She'd fell in love with the climate, gemstones and suedes, and soon, she'd offer her ideas. After a year of hard working, both of my parents have decided to help us; it wasn't long until we were sewing our very own skirts and designing t-shirts.

We get inspired by grunge, vintage and social medias and create unique clothes that will be the base of your wardrobe. Even alternative fashion needs basics! We believe that our hand sewed tennis skirts in extraordinary tartans or our cozy hoodies will always be your go-to choice. Our ethical production and high quality fabrics will provide you with clothes and accessories that will pimp up your outfits. We're constantly growing, implementing new ideas and clearly - having lots of fun!

So if you're looking for a shop that will let you describe yourself in a t-shirt, we think you're in the right place. Show it to the world how exclusive and individualistic you are and wear exactly what you love. Skydance is there to help you with that.


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