Birthday Sale - terms and conditions

SKYDANCE is turning 7 this month! This was such a crazy journey. We can't believe that it all started in our own bedroom, then we've turned into one of the largest alternative fashion independent brands. It's all thanks to you - thanks to your support, feedback, following. We are extremely grateful for having so many amazing Customers!

Celebrate our birthday with us shopping at birthday sale (up to 60% off almost everything!), participating in a contest (read more here!) and get a free moon choker necklace with your order! All you have to do is place an order over €39 to get it absolutely for free! Shop now

sale rules

  1. Sales do not add up. You cannot use additional vouchers off items that are already on sale.
  2. In order to get the necklace, you have to place an order over €39, shipping fee excluded.
  3. Sale's valid until the stock lasts.
  4. Each necklace was hand crafted from stainless steel components. It cannot be exchanged to a different product.
  5. In case you need to return your order:
    1. for full returns - you're obligated to return the necklace as well;
    2. partial return - you may keep the necklace.
  6. Failing to return a necklace, we will deduce it's cost off initial refund value, which is €8.


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