Hey! If you'd like to be a part of Skydance - promote it, shoot amazing and creative photoshoots with our products, or design new graphics and clothes - we're always open for all suggestions! You should know that we love to collaborate, meet new people who have loads of passion and resources. To this, we'd be super happy to welcome you as a member of Skydance crew. Especially if urban wicca vibes with a bit of minimalism and vintage is what you dig. Before you contact us - please check out our little conditions.

❧ While writing us, include all of the brands you've been cooperating with and show us a proof - a photo, or link to posts on your blog. This is how we check how dedicated you are. What we want are people we can put trust in, people who are responsible and on whom we can rely.

❧ If you're running an Instagram account and this is where you'd want to promote us, we're paying attention to the amount of likes under your photos - we cooperate from 1,500 likes. If it is about YouTube, the minimum is 5000 views under each video. And if you have a blog - least 400 followers. What more, we're activity obsessed. This means that if you're posting once per two weeks, it's not something we're looking for.

❧ Okay, so the following terms might vary depending on the platform and the way you'd be promoting us. Generally: three shots on your social medias like Facebook, Instagram; two posts including our products on your blog; our products showing up on your videos at least twice; everything posted within two weeks. What more, we'd love to have your photos send to us directly to our mail.

❧ If we won't respond, don't worry - maybe we have end up with searching for new promoters. We'll contact you some time later!

❧ We don't accept entries through Instagram, Facebook or e-mail.

So if you're ready, write us at!


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