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Do you ever wonder what's the reasoning behind prices in various shops? Why are ethically sourced, locally made products more expensive than chain store clothing? Why are the prices I know from shopping malls lower than the prices in Polish stores? What does the price depend on?

SKYDANCE is a small, Polish company. We don't work like chain stores that can produce and sell the whole collection within two weeks. We are a brand that focuses on ethics and the high quality of our clothes and accessories. Our products are made in the workshop in Rzeszów, our hometown. Because we sew them by hand, it takes a lot of time from the concept to the production - even half a year!

That's why we want to be honest with you and show you what the reality of the Polish brand is. At SKYDANCE we try to offer you the most affordable prices, however, you need to know that it is not always that easy. The prices of our products are determined by four factors: production costs, fixed costs, legal fees, and margin.

We are a Polish brand and we sew in Poland. Our production takes place in qualified tailoring studios which have vast experience in clothing production. We use Polish materials for our products - both in terms of fabrics, most of the chains and majority of semi-finished jewelry components. Our production costs include fair payment for the time and work of our seamstresses, tailors, as well as the cost of materials and transport.

Our company operates legally in Poland. Therefore, the price of our products includes taxes such as VAT 23%, income tax 19%, environmental protection and so on. Legal fees also include salaries for our employees and accountant as well as social security contributions.

Owning a business isn't just about legal and production fees. There are also many other seemingly small costs to running a business. The most important of them are renting premises, which serve as an office and warehouse and all bills (for water or energy) connected with it. The fixed costs also include the cost of maintaining our website and shipping packaging.

It is the margin that allows SKYDANCE to continue to grow. We use it to invest in new products, improve the products we already offer, or introduce environmentally safe solutions. It is thanks to this percentage that our company can offer new, unique products that will serve you for ages.


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