Social responsibility

Skydance is a small family run business established in 2014 in Poland. We care about the quality of our products and the most important thing to us is to assure that you get exactly what you are paying for. Our whole family is engaged and passionate about our work.

ethical promise

Minimising waste and recycling
We create limited collections in order to reduce waste of unsold products. By sewing our items in small quantities we avoid excessive water and energy usage and fabrics remnants. If it happens that for some reasons we are unable to sell some products, we donate them to charities.

Local manufacturing
Our tailoring and sewing is mainly done in Poland. We create our skirts, tops and lingerie in local sewing studios. The only exception are our t-shirts and hoodies, which are ecologically produced in Bangledash - however we're working our way to change it by 2021. We also support local business by buying fabrics from polish manufucturers or creating our own garnments in polish printing studios.

Fur Free retailer
Our brand has joined the Fur Free Retailer programme. This means that Skydance will not sell or promote any products that contain real animal fur. Read more here!

Reducing plastic usage
We're slowly restraining from packing our clothes into plastic bags. Instead, we roll our items and tie them up with a cotton strap. Not only this looks cute, but it is also super safe!

OEKO-TEX® Standard 100
Oeko-tex checks for presence of hazardous chemicals in the dyed fabric. It assures that our materials are carcinogens-, azo dyes- and other chemicals free in accordance to the European REACH standards. We are proud to say that our t-shirts, hoodies and cotton tops have this certificate.

from plastic bags to cartoon boxes
That's the part we're still working on - but we're happy to say we're going in the right direction! We've already switched from plastic bags to carton boxes. We basically put all of your dreamy items into the box to make sure they're safe & nicely packed. We only use plastic bags for international orders to ensure that the box won't open, or if there are plenty of orders during hot seasons like black friday or christmas. Our team's small, there are only two people responsible for preparing your orders to be dispatched, and we really really want you to enjoy your items asap!

Women owned
Almost three-quarters of our team are women!

Selling online is more environmentally friendly! How's that? Delivering your package via courier services is always more ecological especially when DPD courier is being used. This shipping provider offsets its carbon footprint. By not having a physical store, we also decrease energy and water usage.

Delivered safely
We're mainly using delivery services that provide CO2 reduction. This way, your parcel not only arrives quickly - it is also delivered in a manner that's safe for environment! So if you're from European Union and want to do something good for Mother Earth, pick DPD as your delivery method.


It is crucial for us to take extra steps to minimise our ecological footprint. You may receive your parcel in carton box which is biodegradable and reusable. For intercontinental orders, we also use plastic bags to ensure your package won't get damaged during its journey. We also provide you with DPD carbon neutral delivery. DPD commits to make every parcel carbon neutral by measuring their CO2 emission and reducing them. DPD does that by using alternative fuel vehicles and financing renewale and cleaner energy production projects.


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