Sustainable production

our materials

Most of our products are made in Poland. Skydance's most famous skirts and tops are being hand sewed in our sewing studio near Rzeszow. Our seamstresses are paying attention to every detail in order to make sure that our products are flawless and well made. For our materials, we only use local manufucturers - you've already loved the quality, didn't you? We're trying our best to avoid any material leftovers by measuring fabrics properly and using its every free scrap for our items. If we won't manage to sew anything out of it, we're using them for prototypes or turn them into tote bags.

Skydance loves philosophy of slow fashion. We create small amounts of clothes, so there is no overproduction. In addition to that, you are assured that what you're receiving is unique and one of a kind!

Our jewelry and chains is hand made by our whole team. Grandma is the one responsible for jewelry, while dad's making your chains.

We don't use vegan leather since it is 100% plastic. It is way more harmful for the environment as it contains lots of glue, needs tons of water and energy, it wears out quickly and isn't biodegradable. Hence, our belts and bags are made from natural, recycled leather. All of them are handmade - so there's no excessive usage of water and electricity. We acquire leather that is intended to be utilized. We only obtain bovine leather since it is of best quality. We promise - your belt or messenger bag will last years with no traces of usage.

All hoodies and t-shirt come from Bangladesh - they're made from high quality cotton in conditions that are safe for environment. No wonder they have received OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 certificate that assures that our products are chemicals, allergens and toxic dyes free, with no excessive noises or usage of water and electricity. People who create them work in ethical environment, with no human rights broken. By 2021, we aim to relocate our t-shirts and hoodies production to Poland.


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